Medical Isolation Shoe Cover

Disposable, Non-Woven Fabric

・Disposable and lightweight
・Universal Size
・Material: High quality non-woven fabric
・Certificate: CE

1. Material: Made of non-woven fabric with sufficient strength and barrier performance, effective protection against harmful substances such as dust and spray gas.
2. Advantages: light and dustproof, soft and comfortable, strong barrier, wear-resistant, anti-fine particles.
3. Uses: Suitable for outdoor public places such as subways, supermarkets, hospitals, etc, to prevent exposure to body fluids, droplets, etc of dangerous people, and play a role in isolation and protection.
4. Tip: The shoe cover is one size and the same for men and women.

Name: Medical Isolation Shoe Cover
Material: non-woven fabric
Sterilisation Mode: non sterile
Size: L(30-40cm) x W(10-30cm) x H(30-60cm)

1 pcs/Polybag
300 pcs/Carton
Carton Size: 30 x 40 x 50 cm
Volume: 0.06 cbm
G.W.T.: 6.8 kg